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Bouillabaisse Marseillaise- Rouille and Croutons-Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream Caramel Sauce
Learn how to develop strong flavor and make a fabulous fish soup, which is the base for your Bouillabaisse Marseillaise dish.
For this class, you will learn how to make a Rouille. It is an emulsion of olive oil, potato, saffron, and garlic, typically served with the bouillabaisse. Of course, crispy French bread croutons will garnish the dish.
For dessert will be a warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Perfect for the season! The fillo dough is buttery, the apples are a little sour, and the caramel brings some bitterness and sweetness. The perfect balance!

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Mussels Marinière with Toasted French Baguette, Oven Roasted French Fries-Pear Almond Tart

Mussels Marinière with Toasted French Baguette and Oven Roasted French Fries

This dish is a great excuse to open a bottle of wine and relax at the end of the day. Enjoy making this classic French recipe online with Chef Patrice.

Pear Almond Tart

You will learn many different pastry techniques in this class. These are techniques that professional pastry chefs are using every day.   

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Celery and Parsnip Soup-Baked Fish en Papillote

Celery Root and Parsnip Soup with Oyster Mushroom and Croutons

This is the best time of the year for this delicious soup. It is served with warm croutons and black truffle oil. You will definitely feel cozy and warm after consuming a soup like this one.    

Baked fish “En Papillote” Potatoes with Butter and Parsley

For this class, you will learn the classic cooking technique called “En Papillote”. This cooking method will give you the best results when cooking different kinds of fish! 

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Duck a l'orange with Butternut Squash Purée-Poached Pears, Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce
Two famous classic dishes made perfectly! That is your goal for this cooking class, and together we will succeed.
Smooth and delicious the butternut squash compliment the duck very well.

Poached fresh pear, serve with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. It doesn't get better then this!
Check out the preview.
  • Ingredient list Duck breast a l'orange-Poached pear chocolate sauce.docx

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Sous-Vide Pork Tenderloin Sautéed Apple and Corn Bread-Orange Spinach Salad with Parmesan Crisp

Orange Spinach Salad with Cranberries, Pecan and Parmesan Crisps

If you are looking for a light and elegant starter, this spinach salad is for you! It’s easy and quick to put together at the last minute and has very few ingredients. 

Sous-Vide Pork Tenderloin with Sautéed Apples and Corn Bread

This technique of cooking is the best way there is for cooking pork tenderloin. In this class, Chef Patrice will teach you how to apply this technique even if don’t have the right equipment. The cornbread recipe is one of Chef Patrice’s favorite cornbread recipe. We hope that it will be yours too!  

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