Perfectly oven roasted birds! You will also learn how to make a flavorful Jus with the bones. This class will enrich your pastry level, we are making pate a choux!

Roasted Cornish Hens-English Peas - Choux Pastry Swan with Crème Chantilly

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Cornig hen
English Peas
pate a choux
Creme Chantilly
Choux swan

Ingredient list: Roasted Cornish hen-English Peas-Swan choux with Crème Chantilly.docx

Ingredient list August 8th 2016.docx
Suggested kitchen equipment: Roasted Cornish hen-English Peas-Swan Choux with Crème Chantilly.docx

Suggested kitchen equipment August 8th 2016.docx